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WTF is BloqVerse?14th April 2019

With the new website for bloqverse having recently been launched, it’s time to slowly retreat from our stealth mode establishment and to start publicly talking about the work that has taken place on this project over the past eighteen months.


Islamic FinTech Dialogue - 201921st February 2019

The Islamic Fintech Dialogue (IFD) Conference is an event that focuses on the convergence of the Islamic finance industry with the financial technology (fintech) industry. The inaugural IFD 2017 was attended by more than 300 participants from across the globe. This year’s event took place on the 19th and 20th of February, 2019 at Sasana Kijang, where our CEO (Mark Smalley) was invited to take part in a discussion regarding the topic of competing Vs collaborating.


Applying Blockchains to Financial Services26th January 2019

As we kick-start 2019, Malaysia makes bold new moves within the crypto world by introducing new laws on digital currencies and tokens, which came in effect last week. In partnership with REDmoney Events, R1 will be conducting our first public seminar of 2019, which is taking place on the 27th of February in KL, Malaysia. The audience will be taken on a tour starting with the technical foundations through to analysing some of the most popular use cases, such as trade finance and escrow.


Securitizing Tokens in order to Tokenize Securities22nd January 2019

Last week was an especially interesting week for Malaysia. The Ministry of Finance, Central Bank and Securities Commission issued joint statements regarding the regulation of “crypto” – making it the perfect time to be on stage and openly discussing the future of security tokens. Perfect timing for some community meetups.


HRDF Claimable Training and Workshops for Malaysian Organizations Exploring Blockchains20th November 2018

We’re often asked what distinguishes us and our technical training from the countless competitors that offer a seemingly infinite array of courses. Our typical response is that we are consultants and implementation specialists first - training is a secondary supporting service. In truth, we find that by focusing on specific business use cases we are able to teach what works. We know what works by building with the tools that we then seek to teach. With this in mind, it’s an honor to announce that we are now a registered HRDF training provider.


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