immersive educational experiences to help organizations benefit from new technologies

We provide a selection of immersive educational bootcamps designed to help you understand new technologies without the need for prior experience

Our multi-day bootcamps have been conducted in 12 countries across 4 continents with over 1,000 partiicpants in 3 different languages

IOT Bootcamp

Blockchain Bootcamp

AI Bootcamp

publicly listed institutions and government agencies benefit the most from these tangible experiences

amongst the countless organizations that have already benefited from our bootcamps includes regulators, GLCs and banks


It can be difficult for decision makers to send their technical, innovation or marketing teams to bootcamps without first understanding why they should

we also provide intense one-day non-technical lecture-based training sessions on the following operational topics

Distributed Systems

Financial Technology

Beyond Blockchains

our technical workshops are taught by developers that actively build with and use these technologies in VC funded startups

Even an experienced developer can struggle to apply new technologies without a guided tour or a relevant project that a mentor can help with

we provide technical workshops with hands-on coding concepts and on-going active project development

Data Management

dApp Development

Smart Contracts

our customized event planning is suitable for organisations that require continued momentum or added community support


Certified Exams


we work with a number of different event and certification partners

REDMoney BCE Neuroware

We have the relevant credentials - having applied these technologies in the real world with large-scale deployments, we are now sharing our experiences

incorporated in 2012 we have since spent much of our time and resources improving upon our own certifications

MSC Status

HRDF Claimable

MOF Certfied

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