WTF is BloqVerse and what does it have to do with education?

With the new website for bloqverse having recently been launched, it’s time to slowly retreat from our stealth mode establishment and to start publicly talking about the work that has taken place on this project over the past eighteen months. Behind the scenes, what started out as a pilot project at the Blockchain Embassy researching Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) has evolved into something much more meaningful. At its heart lies an entire universe of interconnected token supplies, both fungible and non-fungible. Although the current website is limited in detail, this is deliberate as we believe that the onboarding experience is vital. As such, we’re not only limiting access, but are more importantly also limiting the use of blockchain terminology too. Nonetheless, we invite you to visit the bloqverse website for a sense of the game’s narrative.

The main purpose of this blog post is to not only provide some technical details regarding the project, but to also explain its place within the R1 family and our FinTech focus on Education.

In reality, each universe within the bloqverse multiverse is a node within a permissioned network that is both economically and technically pegged to a public blockchain, such as Ethereum. Each universe sets its own scientific rules, which includes planet scarcity, periodic tables, lifeform lexicography, and formulas for generating bulk commodities and player assets. At the moment, all three of the universes within the bloqverse multiverse are based upon scientific rules that match those that we are familiar with. For example – the only way that anyone (including us) can generate water is by combining hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Similar formulas apply to other commodities such as wood, stone and steel. These resources can then be used to generate new unique usable assets such as buildings and vehicles. Ownership of these can then be easily transferred and those assets can then be deconstructed at any time by their owner in order to repurpose the underlying commodities that were used to create them.

The current multiverse consists of over thirty interconnected solidity smart contracts, where over twenty of them are what we refer to as upgradeable contracts, which can only be replaced by the universe owners. They’re purely logical in nature and include things such as interfaces, which enable us to upgrade from one fungible standard to another without affecting the data. However, our key value stores and authentication proxies are examples of things that require un-upgradeadable contracts.

The entire back-end functionality of the game runs entirely from smart contracts and the front-end assets can be accessed directly from the interplanetary file-system, which enables everything to work without a server from any HTML5 internet enabled device. In layman terms, this includes pretty much everything these days. Even your washing machine and fridge – not to mention services such as Facebook or static sites freely powered by GitHub.

With these technicalities out of the way, it’s time to consider what any of this has to do with R1 and our recently launched HRDF claimable workshops or Learning Management System. Not only do we have our own dedicated universe specifically accessible to those that undertake the relevant bootcamps, but more importantly – the smart contracts used throughout the multiverse also power our various industry simulations, for areas such as decentralized ECF markets, which includes stable-coin issuance with automated exchange and escrow for P2P trading. These simulations and the corresponding training that goes with them can be easily extended to other relevant areas such as property development, telecommunications and healthcare.

R1 provides a series of immersive innovation bootcamps and developer workshops focused on technical topics such as Artificial Intelligence, BIG Data and Blockchains. During our ongoing first phase, only organizations contributing to the Malaysian Human Resource Development Fund or members of the Blockchain Embassy of Asia are eligible for access to Bloqverse.

As a Malaysian homegrown initiative, we want to be certain that each universe belongs to real people that we are able to personally visit, verify and (or) vouch for. We are however working towards a full public launch, but cannot yet verify exactly when that will be. In the meantime, please visit and register your interest or reach out at about an organizational membership plan. Our growing team of volunteers for this needs help!

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