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Applying Islamic Finance to Blockchains18th October 2019

Now that Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple are available to the general public, it’s even more important to understand the intricate differences between the three assets that have now been approved. How does the divergence of technical and economic foundations of these crypto-currencies affect the view of Shariah scholars and their opinions of blockchains as a whole?


HRDF Claimable Training and Workshops for Malaysian Organizations Exploring Blockchains20th November 2018

We’re often asked what distinguishes us and our technical training from the countless competitors that offer a seemingly infinite array of courses. Our typical response is that we are consultants and implementation specialists first – training is a secondary supporting service. In truth, we find that by focusing on specific business use cases we are able to teach what works. We know what works by building with the tools that we then seek to teach. With this in mind, it’s an honor to announce that we are now a registered HRDF training provider.


Technical Training Made Easy20th November 2018

We provide immersive educational experiences to help organizations benefit from new technologies. From technical topics such as IoT, distributed ledgers and artificial intelligence through innovation bootcamps and developer workshops – designed to help organizations understand new technologies without the need for prior experience.


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