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Sailing to the moon (and back)29th April 2023

It’s been exactly 5 years, 10 months and 34 days – for a total of 2,164 days since I set-out on my personal journey to obtain regulatory approval for the custody of digital assets in Malaysia. I could’ve sailed to the moon and back in less time, and to be honest, it sometimes felt as though I did.


WTF is BloqVerse?14th April 2019

With the new website for bloqverse having recently been launched, it’s time to slowly retreat from our stealth mode establishment and to start publicly talking about the work that has taken place on this project over the past eighteen months.


HRDF Claimable Training and Workshops for Malaysian Organizations Exploring Blockchains20th November 2018

We’re often asked what distinguishes us and our technical training from the countless competitors that offer a seemingly infinite array of courses. Our typical response is that we are consultants and implementation specialists first – training is a secondary supporting service. In truth, we find that by focusing on specific business use cases we are able to teach what works. We know what works by building with the tools that we then seek to teach. With this in mind, it’s an honor to announce that we are now a registered HRDF training provider.


Welcome to R115th November 2018

We help organizations design, develop and deploy solutions. We’ve been building FinTech applications for over 15 years and working with blockchains and other distributed ledger technology for the past 8. As this is our first blog post, we figured it be best that we introduce ourselves …


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